I have pleasure in providing a review  for the period April 2022 to April 2023.


It has been a good period for us, with a steady increase in membership. We now have an average attendance at our presentations of 38 and 67 paid up members.  As with most societies we have a regular attendance of loyal supporters. Pleased to say that we are recruiting more than we are losing. Some time ago we introduced a register to record the number attending each session and to indicate who was a member or non -member. A bit like school but it works.  This has two advantages:

1 It enables us to encourage people to join and to monitor membership.

2 In the case of us applying for financial support, we can provide this information.

 There are currently 5 committee members in addition to our President:

 Chair, Vice Chair / Newsletter  Editor,  Secretary,  Treasurer,  Support Member. Needless to say the workload is quite heavy, particularly in the booking of speakers and the resulting administration.  

The Society has provided a wide range of interesting speakers and the variety of subjects  has  been  very well  received.  Helen  Hallesy  has been very busy in identifying and booking speakers in their specialised subject. We are very appreciative of the work that she puts into this, thank you Helen.

From April 2022 to April 2023 a total of 11 presentations took place at the Heritage Centre. In addition the following took place:

29 June 2022  Tour of Margam Abbey

3 Sept 2022 Heart of the Valley Show Pontardawe

10 Sept. 2022 Walk to The Elephant Rock

15 Oct 2022. Tour of Penllergare Woods

29 Oct. 2022 Book Fair Swansea Museum

19 Dec. 2022 Quiz  evening at the Heritage Centre


During this period we have up dated our website and appointed a webmaster. It provides general  information  about  the SVHS and contains articles and features.  

Facebook seems to be a popular medium to communicate and inform people of forthcoming events. In addition to this, members are informed via email, reference to forthcoming events following the presentations and a comprehensive newsletter.  We circulate posters around the town to such places as the library, Arts Centre  and Heritage Centre and key business premises.


At present we are financially sound. Our income comes from member’s annual subscription, the sale of books and publications, and charging non-members who attend our presentations ( £2 ) We have a Treasurer  who manages the finances very well, so thank you Steve.

We continue to use the  Pontardawe  Heritage Centre on the last Wednesday of each month. It is an appropriate setting for a history society, with all the audio visual made available. We are most grateful to the Trustees for allowing us to use the facilities, and for the technical assistance.


This has been a very good period for the Society, following on from the limitations imposed by  the Covid  pandemic. The  Committee  members  always welcome comments  and ideas from you, and would incorporate them into our programme.

For the future we must be proactive and be willing to introduce constructive changes.

I would on behalf of the Committee like to sincerely thank all members for their continuing support, without you  there  would be no Society. I feel quite guilty that I don’t have more of an opportunity to speak to those attending our talks. I have to look after the speaker and am conscious that the Heritage Centre staff  want to lock up! I will do my best.

David A Jones

Chair SVHS  April 2023

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