A Book review: Cefn Celfi

A forty page booklet has been written by B. M. Lodwick of Neath Abbey on the history of Cefn Celfi Farm, Rhos, Pontardawe. He starts with the 3 ancient stones mentioned in ‘Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin, the Black Book of Carmarthen; a collection of early Welsh poetry where the 3 stones with the names Cynon Cynfael and Cynfeli are mentioned. Prof. Thomas Jones of ‘Twmpath’, Danygraig Alltwen, was the one who recognised them as being at Cefn Celfi. Mr Lodwick traces the history of the farm from when it was built on Plas Cilybebill land. He shows a plan drawn by the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments which identifies its location, also photographs taken by past and present owners.

Two of the names, namely Cynon and Cynfeli have been designated as names of roads for the new housing estate built opposite Rhos school. What I don’t understand is why they named another road as Alfred (Russel) Wallace as he has no connection with this site, but further afield at Bryncoch Farm and Neath. Why not include Cynfael?

I found the book very interesting as I know the area well. One of the farming daughters still lives in Rhos where her garden backs onto Cefn Celfi land.

For details of how to obtain a copy, please contact Liz.

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